1-2-1 Sessions

We have found 1-2-1’s to be a hugely beneficial tool to develop players at a quicker rate but to also heighten their long term potential further. It provides more time for players to build towards their own performance clock, whilst also enabling the coach to provide detail that may not be possible within a group session. We have had multiple player’s progress from personalised sessions through to pre academy placements at clubs including AFC Bournemouth, Brighton and Hove Albion, Portsmouth FC and Southampton FC.

These sessions are suited for children at any stage of earning and development, we have many success stories where psychological elements such as confidence or self-esteem have improved greatly. This can be as a result of improved technical competency and the positive relationship formed with the coach, that in turn has helped children develop in areas outside of football such as a school or at home.

Ages: All ages

Dates: TBA

Times: Monday - Friday: 9am-6pm

Cost: Staff member specific - Register Interest for more information.

Holiday Camps

The Soccer Scholar Academy host School Holiday Football Camps every weekday of the school holidays. The holiday camps are a great platform for beginners as we vary our delivery method to maximize enjoyment for the children, as we host them for a whole day, week or even summer.

For parents who are looking for a fun, safe and enjoyable environment suited for children who are just starting their football journey, we have a dedicated pair of coaches who lead fun games and skill based challenges to engage and stimulate learning in the early stages.

Our syllabus is tailor made to meet the requirements of each individual, providing both novices and experienced players with the opportunity to develop in a positive learning environment through the use of fun games, skill drills, technical sessions and structured challenges.

For parents who are looking for elite level coaching, we guarantee one of our senior coaches will always be on duty to deliver more structured sessions, with the focus and nature of the sessions based around player development.

Ages: 5-10 years

Dates: Every School Holiday (Term Dates)

Times: Monday - Friday: 9am-6pm

Cost: SSA Members: £10 per day | Non-Members: £15 per day

Holiday Camp Gallery

Technical Sessions

All children are welcome to attend our weekly technical sessions, these run every Saturday of the year and act as a great tool to introduce football or sport to any young child. We provide a fun and safe environment for children to start their journey in football, where possible we have a coach-player ratio of 1:8 at all sessions, as a result this greatly helps us cater the sessions to the needs of the individual player.

We operate a carousel format, resulting in each child having 4 mini session’s every week enabling a range of topics to be covered including our new Sports Science Session aimed at developing the players fundamental movements. The diversity in topics enables us to keep the children engaged throughout the 2 hour session, whilst also teaching them the fundamental movements and skills relevant to players of their age and ability. We look to reward excellence within our sessions with our award system, with each group competing for our famous Player of the Day medal, Goal of the Game award or the Fair Play Award.

We cover four main areas of development: technical, social, physical and psychological with the benefits to the children not being limited to progress in their football ability as we look to develop well rounded individuals. We have many success stories linked to Academy placements for our players, just as important to us is the success stories where we have managed to help develop player’s confidence, behaviour or social maturity through organized, safe and enjoyable physical activity.

Ages: 5-10 years

Dates: Every Saturday

Times: 10am-12pm

Cost: £5 per session | £7 per week | £20 per month

Technical Session Gallery

Take a look at our youth teams

The partnership between Soccer Scholar Academy and University of Portsmouth to create the Portsmouth Football Pathway has enabled both organisations to specialise in a particular age range. This has helped us align our infrastructure in line with the progressive formats (5 a side through to 11 a side) that The FA inforce in youth football.

Soccer Scholar Academy will focus on the development of players participating in age groups U7-U10; focusing on 5 a side formats and 7 a side formats.

University of Portsmouth will focus on the development of players with a larger emphasis on competing to win in the older age groups U11-U16; focusing on 9 a side and 11 a side formats.

Soccer Scholar Academy

The Soccer Scholar Academy is an energized, creative and vibrant organisation specializing in developing the skills, talent and ability of the children in Portsmouth. We believe every child should have the opportunity to play and most importantly enjoy Football, here at SSA we look to achieve this by producing an environment that creates positivity, a learning culture and maximizes the opportunity for all children to reach their potential.

All age groups follow their own specific year round syllabus which enables us to compartmentalize the players learning into distinct learning blocks, with the focus on a particular theme for example 1 vs 1 attacking. All players are then set targets within the topic catered to their stage of development for both fixtures and training.

We teach the techniques required to play Football , with a vision to develop players that are comfortable in possession, creative and innovative on the ball and aesthetic to watch.

We have placed 10 players into the following pre academy or academy set ups in the last 12 months:

Harrison Under 8s Brighton & Southampton FC
James Under 8s AFC Bournemouth
Henry Under 8s AFC Bournemouth, Brighton & Southampton FC
Talitha Under 9s Chelsea FC Girls
Elliot Under 8s AFC Bournemouth
Presley Under 8s AFC Bournemouth & Fulham FC
Rio Under 8s AFC Bournemouth
Spencer Under 8s Portsmouth FC
Rafe Under 9s Portsmouth FC
Oscar Under 8s AFC Bournemouth

University of Portsmouth

University of Portsmouth Football Club: Welcome Pack - Download

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