An insight into our academic links.

Academic Opportunities

We are realistic enough to know not every child can live the dream of making it as a professional player, however we feel our variety of exit routes for young adolescents (post 16) allow young people to make a career in football through our coaching route or into higher education supported by their playing ability. Our links and partners cover College courses, Apprenticeships in sports related areas, University in the UK or Scholarships in the US all of which support a continued relationship with football along the individuals own pathway. We have numerous success stories highlighted below:

  • Former coaches progressing through to full time, part time and placement roles at Premier League clubs including Southampton FC, AFC Bournemouth and Arsenal FC.
  • 10 pre-academy placements including 7 at category 1 academies.
  • 2 Apprentice coaches progressing through to undergraduate degrees in the UK.
  • 2 Apprentices securing scholarships to Universities in America.